Through years of working on old , poor performing gas wells, we have developed a combination of gaslift solutions without the time and expense of installing a conventional gaslift system.  Here’s what you need: a gas well 10,000’ or less with a liquid loading problem, 2 3/8” or 2 7/8” tubing, with or without a packer and two 2” threaded connections- suction/inlet and discharge/to sales.

Given these requirements, 7 Compression will provide an economical and timely solution to your problem gas well by applying one of several production techniques that we have developed with the help of other customers like you who had various gas well problems. It’s nothing magical, no miracle chemicals, just applying our Titan compressor into your production system.

We can effectively: lower your bottom hole pressure and increase your gas velocity; we can inject your well gas into the casing; and for the more difficult production, we can provide an auto injection system that optimized the gas lift injection and sends more gas to sales all the while optimizing the injection gas.

7 Compression provides the service and equipment with One Month and Two Week Trial contracts that include full maintenance, oil, coolants, low cost delivery and hookup, flex hoses and pressure regulators, on site installation supervision and production consultation!