If dropping soap sticks, shutting in the well for a buildup and putting it to the tank are no longer getting the job done, or you are circulating more and more makeup gas than you are selling every day because you are no longer lifting fluids then it’s time to call 7 Compression.  Our new TITAN FLEX COMPRESSOR has the capabilities to handle and assist most of the different production strategies that operators are using today.

From our Variable Speed Control System along with our Auto-Start stop capabilities the Titan Flex will make the perfect production partner for running plungers, backside injection systems and Gas Assisted Plunger Lift jobs.   It may be that your well just needs the tubing pressure reduced thereby increasing the velocity of the gas to keep fluid entrained to the surface.

Here is a good example of how we helped a customer increase his production by looking at how he was producing his well and how we could enhance that production with the TITAN FLEX Auto-Start Compressor.

The customer was making an average of 50 mcfd and 7-8 bbl. of oil a day but was actually only producing the well every other day.  It was the classic shut in for build up one day and produce it the next. Our Optimization team set up our TITAN FLEX Compressor to start and stop on pressures that mimicked the way the well was being produced but now starting up and shutting down on set points that allow for maximum flow and a faster build up. As can happen with steady fluid production and that the  well was  now operating at lower tubing pressures,  the number of start and stop times decreased over the first week until the well was  on line without shutting down for a couple of days at a time before cycling.  Using this simple strategy the customer increased his average production to 100 mcfd and 15 bbl. of oil per days.

Gas increase of approx. 100% or 100-120 mcf/d
Oil increase of approx.  120% or 15 bbl/d

This is just one example of many.  Let 7COMPRESSION be your partner in finding new better and innovative ways to utilize the features of the TITAN FLEX in increasing and maintaining your production.