Rental Compression is when a natural gas compressor is rented from a company that provides the asset. Depending on the company, some will provide basic preventative maintenance and repairs depending on the terms of the contract. Response times and reliability can vary from provider to provider.

In general, with a rental compression provider you can expect to receive a compressor but very little in the way of optimization support as the expertise of the provider is generally limited to On Skid systems. In other words, if the compressor is running, they have done the job they promised.

Compression service is when a company truly provides a service. The company in this case will generally use the compressor as a tool yet its only one piece of the service provided. Compression service providers are very skilled in both compression and well operations. They can be thought of as a thought partner and are there to help deploy different strategies to help improve a wells performance.

Compression service providers will assist in choosing the right production strategy for the well while taking all things into consideration. They will be well versed in things such as Gas assisted plunger lift (GAPL), Back Side Auto Injection (GAPL), pulling on the casing of the well with a pumping unit, Vapor recovery applications (VRU), and more traditional well head applications such as pulling on the tubing of marginal well that is liquid loading.

Compression service providers will understand the unique characteristics of the field in which they are operating and how to maintain critical velocity to keep the well unloaded. They will also understand what restrictions can do to production and will be on the lookout for such things while on location.


Both Rental Compression and Compression service companies have pros and cons. Below we have compared four key areas for compression in the 50 HP class, similar results should be expected in any HP class

Rental Compression Compression Service
Cost $1,600 – $2,000 $1,950 -$2,200
Age of equipment 5-20 years old 0-18 months old
Mechanical availability 75-90% average >95% average
Units per Technician average 35-40 12-18

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